• Our training activities-141

    RTG Operation Training in May 2016

  • Our training activities-210

    Advanced Negotiation Skill Training on 1 Aug 2016

  • Our training activities-211

    Stakeholder Management Training on 17 Oct 2016

  • Our training activities-212

    Stress Management & Work-Life Balance Training in August 2016

  • Our training activities-213

    Safety Management for Vendors, Contractor and Visitors Training in June 2016

  • Our training activities-214

    Self Awareness and Successful Leadership training in Oct 2016

  • Our training activities-215

    Basic Communication Skill Training in Nov 2016

  • Our training activities-217

    Conflict Management Training in Jan 2017

  • Our training activities-247

    Defensive Driving Skill Training in Feb and Mar 2017

  • Our training activities-256

    KPI Tree and Visual Performance Management Workshop on 13 Apr 2017

  • Our training activities-40280

    Safe Lifting Equipment Operation Training in Jul 2017

  • Our training activities-40281

    Leadership in Risk Management Training in Jul 2017

  • Our training activities-40282

    Business Writing Skills Training in Aug, Sep 2017

  • Our training activities-40283

    Advanced Excel Skill Training in Sep 2017

  • Our training activities-40284

    Traing course "The team leader" - Sep 2017

  • Our training activities-80315


  • Our training activities-80316

    Equipment Operation Training

  • Our training activities-80317

    MINDGYM Training