On 27th July 2020, Cai Mep International Terminal has successfully loaded 11 Out-Of-Gauge items & 11 Breakbulk items onto MV. Arnold Maersk, deployed in service named America connecting US East Coast by 2M alliance (MSC and Maersk line).

Those items belonging to GE POWER US are detailed steel engines of the Indeck Niles project’s air-filtration-equipment, which are exported to US through MSC – the second largest shipping line in the world. That such project cargoes have been manufacturing and exporting from Vietnam is much more meaningful in the trend of diversifying the manufacturing and supply chain away from China to countries like Vietnam.

The huge quantity of cargoes in the same shipment and extremely high demand on safety while handling are the two main reasons why cargo owner and MSC had decided to put their trust in CMIT to handle this shipment.

With the professional operations not only for containers but also for handling special cargoes, CMIT continues to break its record to safely handle 22 items OOG and breakbulk items within the record timeframe, just more than 4 hours and ensure the vessel departure time to connect with next terminals. This has made strong impression on both cargo owner and carrier, contributing to record a new achievement of CMIT in handling OOG and BBK cargo, besides its capability in accommodating the biggest container vessels as well as outstanding operations productivity.

Since the beginning of operations, CMIT has successfully loaded & discharged many high value project shipments, such as yacht, airplane fuselage, solar turbine, engines…with average weight up to 99 tonnes so far. Combining with the advantage of accommodating the biggest container vessels, CMIT is contributing considerably in enhancing logistics effectiveness for global project investors.