With the advantages of access to a 14m channel, state of the art equipment, a functionally designed facility, and a labor force that is both well-qualified and now  experienced, CMIT provides high quality service not only for containerized cargo, but has also successfully and safely handled all of it’s customers’ break-bulk demands from opening to date.
Most of the break bulk cargo so far has been imported from the USA or Europe to serve heavy industrial projects, the energy industry, and ship building endeavors locally. In the past, this was a more costly and time consuming process for customers since these items had to be transshipped from other locations and handled several times. Now, CMIT provides for a more direct route and fewer steps in between the shipper and consignee.
Xep do hang qua kho
Being able to safely and successfully handle these break bulk pieces with weights up to and over 90 tons once again has proved CMIT’s handling capacities and brings the benefits to customers by helping them to solve their headache as well as reduce  their time and cost.
“Although our facility was designed primarily for containerized cargo services, we have been able to stay in sync withy our customer’s demand for break bulk handling services. CMIT provides APMT trained and certified professionals on site to best meet this need. With a capacity of up to 100 metric tons along modern equipment and lifting gear, we are able to handle break-bulk cargo both to and from container vessels calling our Terminal. We offer extremely competitive quotations on a case-by-case basis considering the best handling options at the minimum operational cost” Mr. Robert Hildebrand, CMIT’s Execution Manager, stated.
He also shared: “We are delighted and proud that our relentless effort is able to bring more benefits and convenience to our customers, and substantially contribute to Vietnam’s economic innovation and development. Our team will continue to serve customers better and better!”