Dear Valued Customers, 

In order to remain Terminal Operating System working smoothly and effectively, CMIT has a plan to perform system maintenance for every 2 weeks. During the maintenance, system must be shutdown and all operational activities will be stopped. Thus, all container transactions are not able to be done until system is working back to normal. 

Please arrange your receiving/delivery plan properly during this time to avoid delay.

The maintenance can be changed subject to actual operation status and will be updated at least 12 hours before actual shut down time.

Thank you very much.

Week Date Start time End time
02 Tue, 12th Jan 2021 08:00 09:00
05 Fri, 5th Feb 2021 12:00 13:00
10 Mon, 8th Mar 2021 08:30 13:30
13 Thu, 1st Apr 2021 12:00 13:00
19 Fri, 14th May 2021 12:00 13:00