To improve the emergency response skills of the staff and the adjoining units at the port as well as to ensure compliance with the law on port security, environmental protection, fire prevention On 27/6/2017, Cai Mep International Terminal Co., Ltd, we have conducted oil spill incident response, ship / barge fire fighting, rescuing and connecting Maritime Security Information and ISPS Security Assessment Meeting 2016-2017.

In 2017, CMIT coordinated with partners / local authorities  to implement a scenario assuming a barge during the landing to handle cargo that has collided with another barge. The incident broke down the DO tank and spilled oil into the river and caused a fire on the barge.

CMIT's Emergency Response Force was quickly deployed, giving the necessary notice to port leaders, local government news agencies and state management agencies,

Evacuation of people on barges,

Mobilize medical facilities and staff to attend the rescue,

Ask the oil spill response team to deploy prevent and collect oil spill,

Firefighting by port's firefighting equipment, mobilize more large-capacity tug boat to support

Implement tight security.