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To ensure cargo safety when delivery to/ pick up from CMIT via Gate, we are pleased to introduce new process for OOG container delivery as below:


For OOG export:

  1. OOG container is properly secured onto trailer when entering CMIT Gate: All OOG containers must be secured or/and close the twistlocks safely before getting in of CMIT.
  2. After container passing CMIT Gate, truck driver follow instruction from CMIT Terminal Supervisor to the dedicated area within CMIT yard to do unlashing/unlock the twistlocks for the OOG container.


For OOG import:

  1. Trailer receive OOG from CMIT yard.
  2. Truck driver follow CMIT Terminal Supervisor instruction to the dedicated area within CMIT yard to do lashing/ lock the twistlocks before getting out of terminal.


Hereunder is the picture of CMIT’s lashing/unlashing area.