Cai Mep, 1st Jun 2018

Ref: 031-2018/CMIT-MNG

 To                : Esteemed Shipping Lines and Customers

 Re: Stop receiving import containers of plastic scrap to CMIT.

 Firstly, we would like to send our thanks for your co-operation and support so far.

As a result from China’s prohibition on importing plastic scrap, a large amount of plastic scrap has been imported to Vietnam and been causing serious congestion at Vietnamese ports and ICDs. Moreover, the restriction in issuing import license by Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment and Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to cause backlog in the coming time.

In order to maintain service quality and facilitate good services for all customer, CMIT would like to announce that:

  • From 01st June 2018, CMIT will stop receiving all import containers of plastic scrap to CMIT by all transportation methods like international vessel, domestic vessel, barge and truck until next notice. For those plastic scrap shipments that were loaded on board and on the way to CMIT, please send us container list and other shipment details to review and confirm acceptance case by case.


  • For plastic scrap container that have been staying at CMIT over 45 days, we will move to separated area and all arising shifting moves for this purpose will be on your account.

We look forward to receiving your co-operation and support

Yours sincerely,


  Deputy General Director



   Nguyễn Xuân Kỳ