Display "Integrity" values through actions:

  • Take no compromise to illegal or unethical act
  • If you suspect something, investigate and look into it, report to the direct manager, involve HR and other depts. as necessary
  • Transparent practice of procurement tasks
  • Consider how out-of-work contact with a supplier should take place and if it should perhaps be avoided.
  • Be a good consultant and willing to share your knowledge with co-workers, if you are in a position to assist a colleague, do so.
  • Refrain from expressing your disagreement to others or start rumours, especially if you do not know the background.
  • Support and help others understand the tough right decision.
  • Think about our values; take them into consideration before taking any work related action.
  • Takes a stand on issues based on values or belief of what is good for the organization in a long run, even if it is not accepted or appreciated.