The anticipated event - GLOBAL SAFETY DAY with the topic "WE LEARN AND ADAPT" - had been successfully organized at CMIT on September 9, 2022. This is one of the terminal's annual traditions to raise community awareness of the significance of safety culture.
CMIT regards safety culture as a backbone in all of its activities and is committed to strict adherence as a core, long-term value at all levels, from employees to managers. At CMIT, all employees and partners are encouraged to contribute ideas and assess potential risks during the working process in order to collaborate on developing the safest and most effective working method. This is precisely how CMIT has developed its safety culture throughout the years.

This year's Global Safety Day event included a variety of exciting activities and a large number of CMIT employees and partners. Participants can freely share and learn more experiences - safety knowledge when working at the terminal for applying to daily work through collective activities and interesting games such as: Gemba, Board game - Safe journey of containers at terminal, Risk assessment at Work...

Mr. Josh Surdin, CMIT's Deputy General Director, also emphasized: “In CMIT, we constantly identify risks in operation before anything happens and put safeguards in place to ensure no severe incident even if something goes wrong. We call it “learn and adapt” - the core principle in our approach to safety. Working in a safe environment is our expectation. Therefore, We always focus on the health, safety of port employees and contractors, maintaining the integrity of our equipment and customer’s cargo - this is also the most important tasks in the operations and business activities.”

Global Safety Day is a chance for CMIT to reflect on its achievements, identify existing problems, and develop appropriate safety solutions. We believe that by participating in meaningful activities such as Global Safety Day, the community's awareness of the importance of safety will develop, thereby contributing to the safety and health of people, equipment, and goods at our terminal. Therefore, the message "Safety for life" - CMIT's slogan is reminded and strongly conveyed of CMIT's sustainable business culture, which not only benefits the economy but also ensures a happy and prosperous life for everyone who works with CMIT.